In our previous post, How Alarm Management Brings Additional Value to Your EHR, we explored how TigerConnect Alarm Management & Event Notification brings value to your EHR without disrupting existing clinical systems. Now, let’s examine how integrating alarm management and your clinical collaboration platform can bring context-rich notifications to your team.

Delivering clinical care is innately complex, with many moving parts and interdependencies. For this reason, proprietary, disconnected clinical solutions struggle to keep up with the pace of modern care delivery. Without technology that can effectively flow information from many systems to the right individuals, professionals spend significant and unnecessary time on tasks that do not allow them to operate at the top of their license.

TigerConnect Alarm Management and Event Notification can benefit clinical teams by effectively routing alerts and alarms to the right staff member for response. By doing so, response times are faster, there are fewer unnecessary interruptions, and escalations to additional care team members can occur automatically if a response is not received. This helps IT teams by centralizing system administration, standardization of clinical system interoperability, scalability, and flexibility.

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Optimize Care Delivery with Alarm Management

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Combining clinical collaboration platforms with alarm management and event notification solutions is an effective way to counter clinical workflows. Here are 3 benefits of using TigerConnect to address advanced clinical workflows.

Benefit #1- Self-Serviceability

TigerConnect provides user-friendly and flexible solutions so that your administrators can tailor workflows, notifications, and priorities to each unit without depending on the deep technical knowledge of IT or a proprietary vendor each time you need to make a change. 

Through integration, your organization achieves significant benefits, such as increased efficiency, faster response times, and improved staff satisfaction. Plus, when your clinical and IT team members can handle workflow configurations in-house, they’re less reliant on vendors—leading to more autonomy and opportunity to scale.

Benefit #2 – Streamlined Processes

Additionally, TigerConnect can consume staff assignment details from your EHR and other systems to prevent care team members from assigning themselves to patients in multiple systems. By integrating these systems to create one seamless workflow, you can automatically facilitate data transfer and eliminate manual rework, thus saving time and effort.

Benefit #3 – Critical Information in Real-Time

TigerConnect’s workflow functionality can also route notifications containing critical data from your EHR to clinical team members who need follow-up. That way, STAT orders, essential lab results, rapid response team activations, and other notifications can drive the action needed to provide prompt, well-informed patient care.

Self-Serviceability is Paramount

With TigerConnect Alarm Management and Event Notification, you may not need to replace or upgrade existing clinical solutions such as nurse call. Instead, you can implement our state-of-the-art cyber-secure middleware to overlay modernized feature sets to achieve goals around interoperability and responsiveness.

Alternatively, you can choose to replace some vendors and expensive service agreements with a single, software-as-a-service (SaaS) based approach. Either way, you gain an intuitive user interface, an extensive library of integration options, and a flexible, robust clinical workflow and staff assignment engine.

Thanks to the easy-to-use system administration features you gain with TigerConnect, you can resolve technical issues more quickly and assume complete control over your workflow. You’ll no longer depend on third-party vendors to address minor issues or handle workflow configurations—which improves your operations while dramatically reducing your total cost of ownership (TCO).

World-Class Interoperability without legacy incompatibility

Many software solutions use proprietary standards, which require in-depth IT knowledge and often require vendor intervention to perform integrations. That’s not the case with TigerConnect Alarm Management and Event Notification, which relies on industry-standard integration protocols to create the most open event management platform available. 

Robust alarm management and event notification software enables your organization to unite disconnected systems, including LIS, RTLS, nurse call, smart beds, and your EHR, to deliver a comprehensive view of patient and operational data. This emphasis on standard protocols empowers health systems to determine their requirements and pay for what they need instead of maintaining over-extended systems that can create more risk than value.

Does your team have the right tools?

Although your EHR is a valuable source for documenting patient information, it’s not built or optimized to meet the collaboration and communication needs of your healthcare organization. You wouldn’t send a surgeon in with the wrong tools for an operation, so why give your front line a solution that isn’t designed for clinical communication and collaboration?

TigerConnect Alarm Management and Event Notification can strengthen your EHR deployment by integrating with other data-rich clinical solutions to enhance patient to caregiver interactions, increase responsiveness and streamline care collaboration amongst the care team. When you link systems—such as nurse calls, smart beds, physiological monitoring, and others—with your EHR, you can have a wealth of information available to support clinical decision-making. What’s more, this detail doesn’t just live in a repository. You can configure workflows to push notifications directly to clinical professionals on their mobile devices in real time, enhancing patient safety, satisfaction, and connectivity.

Employing TigerConnect Alarm Management & Event Notification as the connective tissue between your EHR and clinical solutions is a major milestone in achieving the ideal of the Real-Time Health System, demonstrating your commitment to improving patient care and clinical excellence while reducing burdens on care teams.

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