Case Study

Aegis Homecare and Hospice

Discover how Aegis Homecare and Hospice achieved seamless communication, streamlining patient care and enhancing family support.

Enhancing Provider and Family Satisfaction with Improved Clinical Communication

Efficient, timely, and secure communication is key to clinical workflows at Aegis Homecare and Hospice, a home-based healthcare and hospice organization operating in Arizona, Utah, and Alaska. The complexity of patients’ needs and the involvement of various teams within Aegis and outside healthcare facilities made communication a challenge. Coordinating clear communication between nurses, social workers, physical therapists, and others was crucial to ensure a patient’s care plan remained on track.

TigerConnect facilitated seamless communication within the entire organization, ensuring standardized information flow when a patient enters the Aegis system. The introduction of group messages dedicated to each patient allowed the entire care team, including family members, to stay informed about the patient’s status and any updates regarding their care. As a result, Aegis saw streamlined workflows and a significant reduction in the need for time-consuming phone calls. Additionally, improved communication has led to higher HCAHPS scores and increased family satisfaction, as everyone involved feels more informed and connected to the care process.

“When we switched to TigerConnect, we couldn’t live without it. We rely on TigerConnect for all of our care team, patient, and family communication.” Kassandra Heapes, VP of operations at Aegis Homecare and Hospice