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Enable your medical care teams and staff to communicate via secure texting, voice, and video chat. All in one platform.

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More than 7,000 healthcare organizations trust TigerConnect to streamline communication between providers, facilities, and patients.

Our customers have recognized TigerConnect as a leader in clinical collaboration on G2.

User Rating Results

Ease of doing business 96%
Ease of set up 95%
Ease of use 94%
Ease of admin 93%

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Poor communication impacts patients — and your staff know it.


Ease of Set Up
TigerConnect 94%
Vocera 87%
Ease of Admin
TigerConnect 92%
Vocera 87%
Clinical Communication – HIPAA Compliance
TigerConnect 96%
Vocera – N/A


Ease of Set Up
TigerConnect 94%
Symplr 88%
Quality of Support
TigerConnect 92%
Symplr 89%
Product Direction
TigerConnect 90%
Symplr 86%


Ease of Set Up
TigerConnect 94%
Voalte 89%
Ease of Admin
TigerConnect 92%
Voalte 90%
Clinical Communication – HIPAA Compliance
TigerConnect 96%
Voalte – N/A

TigerConnect Was Named Leader in Clinical Communication and Collaboration by G2

Healthcare’s Most Powerful Clinical Communication & Collaboration Solution

The TigerConnect Clinical Collaboration Platform, built for the way you work.

Seamless Communication

HIPAA-compliant communication via video, voice, and text.

Custom Teams

Instantly collaborate with pre-defined teams consisting of the appropriate on-call roles.

Interoperable & 100% cloud-based

System integrations ensure the right information is routed to the right providers at the right time.

Role-Based Scheduling

Functional roles auto-populate from your physician schedules.

Easily Find Who’s On Call

Scheduling integration makes it easy to find on-call providers, even if you don’t know their name.

Patient Engagement Made Easy

Connect with patients and family members, no patient app required. Manage virtual visits and reminders.

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