50 LA Tech Startups to Watch in 2015

By: Maura Gaughan; March 2, 2015 (Featured on Built in Los Angeles)

Investors significantly increased their bets on LA digital technology companies in 2014, funding over 250 startups and buying up 80. According to our 2014 Annual Report, local tech companies raised $3.04 billion in investments (188% higher than 2013) and exits were at a high of $5.9 billion (430% higher than 2013).

So what’s going on in LA in 2015? Just ask the 50 companies listed below. On our list, you’ll find bootstrappers, fueled by a dream and 19-shots of espresso; companies that are just on the brink of their funding fantasies; and several enterprises led by serial entrepreneurs with tons of cash and capital…

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