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Hospital Communication System

Connect Teams Across the Hall & Across the Health System

Foster collaboration between care teams to improve care coordination, reduce response times, and elevate patient care. 

Clinicians Need a Better Way to Communicate 


of clinicians are unsatisfied with communication processes during clinical workflows


of nurses are frustrated by slow response times


of doctors experience cognitive overload from too many alerts and notifications

The State of Clinical Communications and Workflows


Achieve Real Results with TigerConnect

Better patient outcomes start by improving clinical communication and workflows.

Reduce Length of Stay by 1.4 days

Improve communication among care team members to enable faster patient discharges and reduce length of stay.

Reduce Readmissions by 50%

Enable communication throughout the continuum of care – from referral to follow-up care – so patients remain in-network.

Speed Physician Consult Notification by 72%

Automatically connect the ordering provider and on-call specialist in a patient-centered group message as soon as a consult is placed in the EHR.

Reduce Patient Transfer Times by 50%

Real-time messaging makes it easy for teams to provide everyone with the same information in a timely and efficient manner, ensuring that patient transfers run smoothly, and patients get the care they need faster.


Connect People, Their Schedules, & Patient Data

The TigerConnect portfolio streamlines workflows to maximize care team productivity ​



Integrations for Instantly Accessible Data

Deliver critical information, when and where care teams need it

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Streamline Clinical Workflows

TigerConnect solutions make healthcare communication easy by putting information, data, and alerts in the hands of care teams.


Capabilities for Hospitals &
Health Systems

TigerConnect is made for clinicians and built for productivity. 


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Clinical Collaboration Platform Tour

Take a self-guided tour to see how physicians, nurses, and support staff can save time by communicating with our secure, best-in-class collaboration platform.

About TigerConnect

Why Consider TigerConnect?

See why over 7,000+ healthcare organizations trust TigerConnect.

Named Leader in Clinical Communication by G2

“We fundamentally believe wholeheartedly that TigerConnect is a huge piece of our success.” 

Karen Vanaskie, Chief Clinical Officer
Innovation Care Partners

“TigerConnect has worked incredibly well with us to help our ability to deliver the best care to our patients.”

Dr. Chethan Rao, Section Head of Vascular Neurology and Neurocritical Care
Baylor St. Luke’s Medical Center (BSLMC)

“The dedication and teamwork shown in the care of this patient, enabled by collaborative technology workflows, was simply outstanding. I have no doubt that our team gave this patient with a time-sensitive emergency the best chance we could for a good outcome.”


Mark Sutherland, MD, Medical Director
University of Maryland Medical System

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Frequently Asked Questions

Your questions about clinical communications, answered 

What is a clinical communication and collaboration (CC&C) platform?  
How can hospitals reduce readmission rates with a CC&C platform?  

The TigerConnect Clinical Collaboration Platform enables healthcare providers to communicate and collaborate efficiently, leading to faster clinical workflows, more effective treatment plans, and ultimately better patient outcomes. By integrating the TigerConnect Clinical Collaboration Platform with a clinical decision support tool, Baylor St Luke’s Medical Center reduced its door-to-needle time by 50%. The health system has dramatically improved patient outcomes with an estimated 75 stroke lives saved per year.

What clinical communication challenges are hospitals and health systems facing? 
What is Health Information Technology (HIT)?