iOS v4.6.105 Release Notes – May 02, 2014

Targeted Release Date: Week of May 09, 2014
Major updates:
  • New: Support for server side PIN lock enforcement

Server Side PIN Lock Enforcement

As an extension of the initial work done in 4.6, this task will allow organization administrators to turn PIN Lock on for all their TigerText users – or just a select few.

Administrators can also set the duration as well, the time it takes before PIN lock is required to get back in to TigerText. If a user already has PIN lock set, then the shortest duration is enforced.

PIN lock enforcement is immediate. Once an organization’s TigerText administrator turns this feature on, users will be prompted to ‘create a PIN’ the next time they launch the app. If they are already in the app, then they will receive the same prompt in real time.