Engage Patients Across the Care Cycle with TigerConnect

Did you know that you can communicate with providers, patients, and families all on a single app with TigerConnect?

Effective communication throughout the care journey keeps providers and patients aligned and improves outcomes. Similar to daily life, patients expect a digital experience when communicating with their healthcare providers with many preferring the ease of use, quick responses, and convenience of text and video chat.

With TigerConnect Patient Engagement, you can meet the needs of your patients and do so in a secure, HIPAA-compliant manner all within your existing TigerConnect app. Watch the fourth session of our educational webinar series to learn how to:

      • Integrate with your EHR to auto sync patient lists and facilitate workflows.
      • Send broadcast messages to your entire patient base or specific groups.
      • Communicate at every stage of the care cycle to save time, reduce no-shows, and increase revenue.
Lauren Tinker

Client Success Director at TigerConnect

Stanley Rokaw

Product Manager at TigerConnect


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Chris Lowder
Sr. Solution Architect
at TigerConnect
Sabrina Thorn
Sr. Enterprise Business Development
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