The State of Healthcare Communications Survey

TigerConnect surveyed more than 200 healthcare leaders and 800 U.S. adults who recently spent time in a hospital about their experiences with healthcare communication. The results are in!

Communication in healthcare is broken

Despite the technological advances healthcare has seen in recent decades, the same cannot be said for the methods of communication used in the industry. Many organizations depend on past-generation tools that are antiquated by today’s standards.

Further, the majority of organizations understand that healthcare has fallen behind other industries when it comes to utilizing modern forms of communication. This broken state of communication in healthcare has downstream impacts on operations, employee burnout, patient outcomes, and much more.

Key Findings:

  • Heavy reliance on outdated technology impacts communication. Some 90% of healthcare organizations are still using fax machines.
  • Modern communication technology adoption still lags. 55% of healthcare organizations believe the industry is behind or very behind in the adoption of modern communication technology when compared to other consumer industries.

For a quick synopsis of the report, download the complete PDF infographic.