The American Nurses Association established National Nurses Week in 1985 to honor nurses’ contributions to advancing the profession and the healthcare industry. The celebration has since expanded into an entire month, which is a great opportunity to highlight how important nurses are to healthcare. 

In recognition of National Nurses Week and Nurses Month, TigerConnect and Critical Alert are shining a spotlight on nurses who have made a significant impact on their patients and their colleagues. 

This year, we are dedicating our Nurses Month celebration to Mary Eliza Mahoney, a trailblazer in nursing, who became the first African American licensed nurse in 1879. She also worked tirelessly to diversify the profession by advocating for hiring black nurses and helping create opportunities for them. For Mahoney, healthcare was a civil right. A human right. A social justice issue. 

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At TigerConnect, we believe that nurses are the heart of the healthcare industry. We salute those who have dedicated themselves to caring for others and believe that healthcare is at its best when nurses are empowered to bring their compassion and experience to every patient interaction. 

As we celebrate nurses this month, it’s important to take stock of the current state of the nursing profession and look forward to the future.  

Nurses are on the front lines of healthcare, providing vital care to patients day in and day out. As a result of high levels of stress, long hours, and difficult working conditions, many nurses experience burnout. 

The future of healthcare depends on our ability to address nurse burnout

Fortunately, healthcare organizations can take several steps to mitigate burnout. One solution is to invest in technology that can help nurses work more efficiently. Clinical collaboration platforms like TigerConnect help alleviate alarm fatigue, foster collaboration, and improve patient safety and experiences. 

Software-based nurse call, offered by Critical Alert (a TigerConnect company) is another way to alleviate burnout. By implementing software-based nurse call solutions, health systems can create seamless workflows that enable mobility and prove data on clinical effectiveness and patient experience. These solutions can enhance patient safety, improve outcomes, enable better utilization of nursing resources, and ultimately help empower nurses with actionable intelligence, saving time and money in clinical settings. 

By investing in modern technology, health systems can help nurses work more efficiently and focus on providing high-quality patient care.   

In honor of Mahoney, TigerConnect and Critical Alert have teamed up to sponsor the Nurses at the Heart of Healthcare contest to recognize nursing professionals who have shown an unwavering commitment to their profession, exemplifying the qualities of Mary Eliza Mahoney: compassion, kindness, patience, and integrity. Learn more about the contest and nominate a deserving nurse here.

The contest will run through May 20th. We hope you will also join us in celebrating nurses by using the hashtag #NursesMonth on social media.

Thank you, nurses, for all that you do!

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