If You’re In, We’re In – We’re Here for Your Virtual Pre-Scheduled Demo Appointment

Like so many of you, we here at TigerConnect were crushed to learn that HIMSS20 had been canceled. But we get it. It was a regrettable but completely responsible decision by the HIMSS team, particularly for an event where the majority of attendees are also the frontline defense against the very reason for the cancellation – Coronavirus COVID-19.

But, as a tech company, solving problems is kind of our thing, so when we got word that HIMSS was nixing the event, we immediately went to work finding a way to deliver a HIMSS-like experience without the crowds or health risks. In other words, a virtual HIMSS.

For those attendees who pre-scheduled demos with us, we’re keeping those standing appointments. If you’re in, we’re in. And for those who weren’t planning to attend HIMSS, we’ve got a spot for you, too, so read on.

The Virtual TigerConnect Experience

As much as we’d like to think it’s our happy beaming faces that bring you to HIMSS each year, the star of the show at HIMSS each year is always the product demo. It’s what you flew hundreds or even thousands of miles to see, and it’s exactly what we would like to show you, virtually. So kick off your shoes (if you’re in the office, we won’t tell), lean in, and get ready for us to knock your socks off with one or more of these groundbreaking demos:

see tigerconnect in action

See TigerConnect in Action

Discover why more than 7,000 healthcare organizations use TigerConnect.

Patient Texting Demo (10-12 minutes)

In our decade of developing the industry’s leading healthcare communication solution, we’ve never seen such intense and widespread demand for a particular capability. With shifting payment models, shortages of skilled staff, and yes, Coronavirus, as well as just plain convenience, the need for direct, asynchronous communication between providers and patients is a long-overdue necessity. Here at TigerConnect, we’re super proud of what we’ve built.

Dubbed ‘TigerConnect Patient Engagement’, our patient texting capability fills a critical gap between old-school phone calls and today’s telehealth services. Want to know TigerConnect Patient Engagement’s secret weapon? Simplicity. Let us explain.

For providers and care professionals, TigerConnect Patient Engagement is actually part of the same TigerConnect app they use every day to communicate inside the hospital. Now a simple tap lets doctors, nurses, case managers, social workers, and others engage patients through a dedicated patient channel. A single tap helps these hard-working professionals work a little less hard…and spend way less time making phone calls that no one answers.

Using the same app, healthcare professionals can toggle between communicating with patients and communicating with care teams. Staff can connect directly with patients and their families in 1-to-1 or group threads. Staff can forward messages from the patient side to the clinical side for staff-only conversations, engaging specialists, case managers, and anyone else involved in the care of the patient. Most importantly, clinicians control the initial outreach, not patients, and conversation windows are limited to a set number of days or weeks, protecting providers’ time and accessibility.

For patients, the process is equally simple. Conversations begin with an automated SMS to the patient the moment a care team member initiates the first message to them within the app. A link in that text message opens a secure web browser. After a quick authentication step, patients are instantly able to respond to their care professional through a secure web browser. From here, staff and patients can engage in follow-up, share details about a particular condition, send attachments, resolve medication questions, include photos or video clips, and head off issues before they become bigger, more complicated and more expensive issues.

Finally, there’s the administration side. In the demo, you’ll see how easy it is to upload patient lists and manually add patients and family members. Again, simplicity is the star here, providing proof that staff can finally stop trading hours of wasted phone calls and voicemails for an easy-to-use, highly adoptable option that both staff and patients will actually like using. And happier patients means higher HCAHPS® scores and overall engagement.

Nurse Call Integration (8 minutes)

Next, we’ll dive into the world of nurse call integration. In the demo, we’ll walk you through key functionality that will give your nurse teams the vital context needed to help them work smarter, connect with team members faster, and finally ditch those five pagers and cordless phones they’ve been carrying around since the 70s.

We’ll start off with a standard nurse call integration with a system like Rauland. The demo will show how TigerConnect’s customizable smart card alerts help assigned nurses—by name or by role—gauge the urgency of a request. You’ll see a range of alert types from cord pulls to rapid response team activation for situations like sepsis.

After that, we’ll take a stroll down the PBX aisle, showcasing how call bell notifications can be responded to with a phone call from within the TigerConnect app to the bed speaker. In your virtual demo, we can share how to access patient lists from Rauland and how critical lab alerts get routed to the right person or team.

Teams (4 minutes)

Finally, we’ll give you an early look at our new Teams feature. The power of teams lies in its ability to give staff members who aren’t on a specific team such as Code Blue or Sepsis Response or Security to message those who are. By surfacing these teams in the directory and making them instantly message-able, nurses and others can sound the alarm when a patient needs an urgent response or situations look to be escalating. Try doing that with your EHR chat tool.

We’re Here for You

So that’s just a flyover of what you can expect from your virtual demo. As brilliant as these descriptions have been, our words pale in comparison to seeing the live product. If you had an existing demo booked, you’re still on our calendar to receive the up-close-and-personal demo we had planned in person. If you didn’t have an appointment booked and would like one, reach out to us in the next few days and we’ll happily arrange a time. COVID-19 may have claimed HIMSS, but it doesn’t mean you can’t keep advancing your healthcare communication in the year ahead.

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