Streamlining Communication with CC&C

The healthcare industry suffers from a frightening amount of medical errors due to miscommunication. These preventable errors can lead to poor patient outcomes, avoidable costs, and malpractice cases. In addition, care teams can feel frustrated and burned out when communication is incomplete, missed, or sent to the wrong recipient. Leveraging reliable contextual communication tools can help prevent these medical errors and improve care team collaboration.

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Modern Healthcare Organizations Need Modern Communication

Discover the benefits of contextual communication

The Importance of Contextual Communication

Most people have experienced miscommunication in the workplace. But what happens when that misunderstanding affects patient care? Miscommunication leads to slower and more inefficient patient care. Modern clinical communication and collaboration (CC&C) solutions allow care teams to communicate by sending secure messages, videos, images, or voice calls. This simplifies care team collaboration and enables contextual communication concerning patient cases. Cloud-based CC&C platforms are on a secure network, ensuring that private health information is protected.

In addition, CC&C platforms can be integrated with EHRs, scheduling, nurse calls, and alarm management systems, allowing care teams to access real-time information regarding patient care. Instead of logging in to multiple systems to get a complete picture of a patient’s status, CC&C platforms act as a central hub, pulling in critical patient information – with context.

Scheduling and Role-Based Communication

Healthcare professionals are familiar with the following scenario. A patient presents in the ED with stroke symptoms and needs a neurologist immediately. Who is the neurologist on call? Where is the posted schedule? Is it up to date? Care teams cannot afford to spend time consulting excel spreadsheets or paging clinicians to find the right care team member when every second matters. 

Integrating scheduling with CC&C platforms enables care teams to take advantage of role-based communication – allowing clinicians to find the right clinician at any given time. In addition, integrating CC&C with scheduling automatically populates up-to-date physician schedules into the platform, removing any guesswork.

Taking the Next Step

Delivering the best patient care is every healthcare organization’s priority. The TigerConnect Clinical Collaboration Platform makes it easy for care teams to provide quality care, enhance the patient experience, reduce costs, and increase staff satisfaction. To learn how your organization can communicate more effectively by using contextual communication, download the CIO Guide to Modernizing Healthcare Communication.

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