The best way to stay up-to-date in an industry like healthcare that is constantly changing is knowledge. The internet has a wealth of valuable health information, but finding the gold nuggets can be time-consuming. You’re busy working to accelerate care delivery and improve patient experiences. Not to worry—we have you covered with some great health tech podcast recommendations! 

Podcasts are a great, free resource for healthcare systems looking to learn more about complex health IT issues. The long-form format is ideal for gleaning insights from influential leaders committed to improving outcomes and care experiences that benefit providers, patients, payers, and communities.

Whichever listening platform you prefer, here are five excellent health tech podcasts that will keep you ahead of the curve and continually growing professionally.

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Healthcare IT Today

Since the start of 2019, the Healthcare IT Today podcast has delved into news, trends, and insights occurring in healthIT and healthcare in general. The hosts of the half-hour podcast, John Lynn and Colin Hung, have a great rapport and years of experience with IT health issues. They keep their conversations lively and casual while providing practical advice and fresh perspectives. The IT health space is constantly in flux, and this is an excellent source to keep abreast of what’s happening and how to make sense of it.

HIT Like a Girl

The HIT Like a Girl podcast addresses the lack of gender diversity in healthtech by inspiring women to pursue careers in the field. Episodes celebrate the spirit, career path, and accomplishments of prominent female leaders in healthIT and healthcare. These mentors are crucial in showing women that they can ascend to important positions. If you’re looking for a community that takes on the everyday challenges women face in tech and connects and uplifts them, this podcast is it.

Medstreet Journal (powered by OpenLoop)

The Medstreet Journal is a weekly podcast that interviews healthcare innovators, discussing how their companies positively impact the healthcare space. Guests range from entrepreneurs to healthcare executives and physicians, and topics cover various subjects, including mental health, healthcare staffing, and telehealth. Podcast host Rodney Hu jumps right into each episode, asking his guests to describe their professional journeys and explain how their company or employer addresses a particular healthcare need. If you want to learn more about the intersection of business and healthcare, check out this podcast.

MedTech Talk Podcast

The MedTech Talk Podcast taps into the hearts and minds of entrepreneurs and business leaders whose innovations are helping to build a better healthcare future. One of the many things that make these weekly conversations interesting is learning how many of the guests didn’t begin their careers with a passion for medical technologies and hearing how their professional path led them there. Episode topics include extending the lives of people with brain tumors, investment strategies following Covid, and revolutionary hearing aid devices. If insightful conversations with the movers and shakers in medical technologies interest you, this podcast hosted by Geoff Pardo, a partner at Gilde Healthcare, is a must.

The Connected Care Team

In the last two decades, technological advancements in healthcare have boomed. Unfortunately, tools that unify care teams and enable improved collaboration have lagged behind. The Connected Care Team podcast from TigerConnect explores how technology transforms healthcare delivery. Podcast host, Will O’Connor, M.D., CMIO at TigerConnect, leads insightful conversations with healthcare professionals who offer personal success stories, best practices, and unique uses cases within the healthcare industry. 

If you’re interested in thoughtful discussions on improving care team communication, providing faster treatments to patients, and optimizing processes, subscribe to The Connected Care Team podcast.

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