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TigerFlow Enterprise

The cutting edge of clinical communication innovation

An Enterprise Solution: The best of all worlds

  • Key Features
  • Deep EHR Integration
  • Role-Based Scheduling Automation
  • Nurse Call, ADT Integration
TigerFlow Enterprise
  • Get read/write access to patient records
  • Receive customized EHR alerts
  • Reduce CPOE time with instant access
TigerFlow Enterprise
  • Link your scheduling app to specific hospital roles for automated shift updates
  • Update your scheduling app knowing changes flow through to the TigerConnect app
  • Quickly look up and contact on-call staff and specialists
TigerFlow Enterprise
  • Specify notifications and code alerts from nurse call systems
  • Automatically notify care team members of admissions and discharges

TigerFlow® Enterprise is perfect for leading-edge organizations looking to set a model of performance and innovation for the industry. Enterprise clients enjoy first access to the latest beta technology and can participate in shaping the development of new features before they’re generally available.

With TigerFlow Enterprise, we work with you to design, build and support a mobile-centric, custom EHR implementation that maps to your clinical communication workflows. This custom blueprint ensures you maximize patient throughput and streamline your care team’s ability to interact directly with EHR-based patient data in an instant and actionable way.


  • Patient Contextual Communication

    Build care teams around individual patients so all communications, notifications and alerts can be captured in a single conversation thread.

  • EHR Connect

    Access and interact with EHR-based patient data from within the TigerConnect feed using our EHR Connect standardized HL7 component. Build care teams, manage admissions, discharges, and transfers.

  • EHR Read/Write Access

    Save updates directly to the patient record for more accurate orders, instant lookups and reduced CPOE time for physicians.

  • Role-Based Scheduling Automation

    Link your hospital scheduling system to your pre-defined roles for automated message routing and shift management.

  • Clinical Notifications

    Integrate system notifications and alerts from your EHR, nurse call, ADT, LIMS, PACS, and other systems at an advanced level for a 360º view into the patient profile.

  • Interface Engine Integration

    Route HL7 alerts and message feeds through your TigerConnect instance so critical information becomes instantly accessible in a messaging environment.

  • Nurse Call Notifications & Code Alerts

    Automatically route code alerts and nurse call notifications to the right individual or roles, with priority ranking for urgent messages.

  • Single Sign-On

    Access the TigerConnect Desktop faster by logging or badging in with a single set of credentials, saving time and reducing repetitive logins for staff.

  • IT Notification Events

    Receive real-time alerts for system outages and other IT events. Send Broadcast notifications to alert the entire organization or select departments.

Fully Integrated for Maximum Throughput

With in-app functionality and deep integrations into critical systems like the EHR, TigerFlow Enterprise helps teams
accelerate care delivery by reducing the steps needed to complete a wide range of use cases.


  • Drive Better Outcomes

    Leverage the components in TigerFlow Enterprise such as the rules engine and intelligent messaging routing to anticipate care team needs and deliver major improvements in critical areas such as wait times, medical errors, and patient handoffs.

  • Communication Mapping for Your Clinical Workflows

    Work directly with one of our clinical experts to design a custom communications map that aligns with your most critical workflows to help reduce steps, improve care, and lower the risk of clinical errors.

  • Save Time, Reduce Costs with Automated Integrations

    When it comes to integrating with third-party apps, TigerFlow Enterprise does the heavy lifting. Our product-side components integrate with major EHR and other systems to ease the burden on IT and remove the need for managing updates. No headaches, no added developer cost.

What You Get with TigerFlow Enterprise

Fully-integrated clinical communication solution that transforms your organization through deep EHR integration for world-class productivity and performance, and guaranteed ROI.

Includes all TigerText Essentials and TigerFlow features, plus:

  • Advanced EHR Integration
    – Access to patient data
  • Four Custom Integrations
  • Onsite Training
  • Guaranteed ROI*

*See yourTigerConnect representative for full details.

Waterbury Hospital Saves Over $2,200 Per Patient By Integrating TigerConnect With Its EHR

When the Waterbury Hospital staff needed a way to send or receive exam reports and test results, they turned to TigerConnect to integrate with their EHR. Waterbury was able to reduce a patient’s length of stay by nearly two days, helping them save more than $2,208 per patient.

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