Rehabilitation Facilities turn to TigerText as Provider for HIPAA Compliant Secure Messaging Platform

TigerText, the #1 leader in secure, real-time messaging for the enterprise, announced several new Rehabilitation Center customers in a sign of the growing importance for HIPAA compliant secure messaging across healthcare. Rehabilitation facilities are especially sensitive to protect PHI as many of their workers are using their own mobile devices to communicate with each other. Sunrise Detox, Rehab 1 of Charlotte County, Village Healthcare & Rehab (McAllen, Texas), and G&G Holistic Rehabilitation are the latest facilities to utilize TigerText’s HIPAA Compliant secure platform.

Patients must have complete trust in their caregiver’s ability to provide them with facilities that are safe, comfortable and protected. In particular, Rehab facilities are unique as confidentiality is fully integrated into a patient’s care and treatment. If a patient’s PHI is compromised, the outcome can not only be detrimental to the facility but also severely harm the patient and impair future treatment. TigerText ensures protection of PHI communication between facility employees that traditional SMS texting cannot. By using TigerText Rehab Centers create their own secure mobile messaging network that can be accessed on employees’ own smartphones, desktop, tablets or laptops.

“Prior to TigerText, employees were forced to limit their communications for fear of compromising our patient’s privacy and losing their trust,” said Christine Hizon, Office Manager at Rehab 1 of Charlotte County. “Now not only has communication between employees increased, but it has also helped facilitate treatment and enhance our level of care by our ability to send information quickly and worry-free.”

“The pressure on rehabilitation organizations to communicate in a HIPAA compliant manner as well as maintain confidentiality is tremendous,” says TigerText Co-Founder Jeffrey Evans. “Having a protected communication platform is not discretionary, it’s essential. TigerText provides these organizations the security they need with a platform that’s fast, convenient, compliant and easily implemented.”

The TigerText platform offers users key features such as company directory, delivery and reads notifications, user-controlled message lifespan, group messaging, and file-sharing that help further enhance communication. It is fully accessible and available for download across all Apple, Android, and BlackBerry platforms.

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