Android v4.6 Release Notes - April 18, 2014

Targeted Release Date: April 25, 2014

Major updates:

  • Updated Inbox
  • New Address Book Screen
  • Address Book Contact Matching
  • New Native Android Controls
  • Refactored PIN Lock
  • New Attachments Handling
  • Enabled Sending “Message Details” via Email
  • Numerous Bug Fixes

Updated Inbox

Previously when you launched the TigerText app, the Inbox would load with your conversations (a.k.a. “Roster”), some “Suggested Contacts,” and your full address book. This process is streamlined in the new version by removing Suggested Contacts and your address book from the Inbox, which means the Inbox will only contain your conversations.

New Address Book Screen

Have no fear, your address book is still intact. It’s just now in a more logical place in the app – namely, on its own screen. TigerText now handles the Personal Inbox differently than your Work Inbox. For your Work Inbox, we only show you people that are in your company directory.

For your Personal Inbox, you’ll continue to see all contacts who are not in your company directory. If you, the user, belong to an organization that is a TigerText customer, the app filters out any contact with a domain-matching email. That’s a fancy way of saying that if you work at, then any contact with a email will not show up in your Personal Inbox.

Address Book Contact Matching

If you’ve ever wondered which of your colleagues are using TigerText, wonder no more. Those contacts who have the TigerText app installed now have the ‘double T’ icon next to their name in your address book. This feature is currently only available on Android and can be easily disabled (and reenabled) any time via “App Settings”.

New Native Android Controls

In a move toward greater platform compliance, the Android Team at TigerText has incorporated two native navigation concepts – The Spinner and the Navigation Drawer – both of which adhere to standards set by Google. These standards are used by many of the top Android apps and will not only streamline the navigation experience but will help new TigerText users acclimate faster to the app.

Refactored PIN Lock

If you used the previous PIN lock feature on TigerText, you will love this new version. It has been rebuilt from the ground-up to be faster and cleaner by addressing some of the previous limitations.

In our next upcoming release, we will begin supporting Admin controls for PIN Lock. That means your TigerText admin will be able to enforce PIN Lock for your users.

New Attachments Handling

File attachments come in all types and sizes and can be challenging to download on your mobile device, not to mention the toll on your data plan if you are not on WiFi. To address this, the Android Team updated the way TigerText handles attachments so you now have full control over when and where you download files sent to you.

Because files do not automatically download, you get an even faster app experience and greater control. This improvement allows TigerText to further embrace best practices on Android.

To download and view an attachment, simply tap or click on the thumbnail icon in the message. This will save the attachment to your device – but, in line with our security model – the TigerText app will automatically delete the attachment when the message expires, or when you log out of the app.

Sending ‘Message Details’ via Email

In the previous version of TigerText (TigerText Pro – V3), we allowed users to email the details of a message to the TigerText Client Services Team. This is a tremendous help when it comes to troubleshooting, and the latest release we have continued to support this feature in TigerText.

Notable Bug Fixes in v4.6

  • Notification sounds previously did not honor “Silence” as an option
  • Updated the Inbox to prevent it from timing out while pulling down large data sets
  • User no longer taken to an open hamburger menu after initially logging in