Achieve Real ROI with TigerConnect

Achieve Real ROI with TigerConnect

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In today’s climate, healthcare organizations are increasingly challenged with resource constraints. So how can you improve the cost, quality, and overall experience of care while pressured to do more with less?

Sign up for a free workflow consultation and our team of experts will evaluate your current workflows and show you how TigerConnect can help you achieve real results and provide better care for your patients.

In our 1-hour workshop, we will partner with you to:

    • Identify clinical workflows to optimize within your organization
    • Discuss a realistic ROI for each of the clinical workflows identified
    • Walk through our easy-to-deploy implementation process
    • Ultimately, improve care team engagement across your organization

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Workflows that Improve the Way you Work

TigerConnect works with thousands of healthcare organizations, large and small, to streamline workflows and improve care coordination.

Achieve Real ROI

TigerConnect integrates with your hospital systems to break down information silos and push patient data to care teams the moment it becomes available.

20% increase

in ER capacity from faster transfers

$600k savings

from reduced readmissions

50% faster

door-to-needle time

10 min reduction

in critical lab response times

Improve the cost, quality, and overall experience of care.

2.5 min reduction

in code blue response time

72% improvement

in ED Consult response times

50 min reduction

inpatient consult notification times

40% reduction

in sepsis mortality

See What Makes TigerConnect Different

TigerConnect has been named Leader in HIPAA Compliance by G2. Learn why!

Secure Healthcare Communication Collaboration Solutions

Improve Your Care Team Collaboration, Coordination and Productivity

See how TigerConnect helps 7,000+ healthcare teams collaborate seamlessly across the hall or across the health system.

Smarter, Faster, Safer Clinical Workflows

Every second counts when it comes to patient care. Creating standardized workflows means care teams have a better way to work.

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