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Undo Send With Text Message Recall

With the rise of mobile device usage, businesses face the need to integrate modern technology into their daily workflow and communications. Yet, standard text messaging leaves individuals and businesses open to security risks.

It is important to realize the value of features such as Text Message Recall, where individuals are finally able to safely edit and delete messages after sending them. How often have you wished you had the ability to recall a text message because of the wrong recipient, the wrong content or just to ensure that your information is safe? Without a secure text messaging solution, these precautions are not available.

Top 5 Ways To Undo SEND With Text Message Recall

  • Do you double-check your recipient, even after you’ve sent the message?In a busy work environment with multiple tasks and conversation threads, you have to be extra careful you don’t send private client information to the wrong recipient. Recalling a text message ensures that the right recipient receives the message, even after it’s in the wrong inbox.
  • Do you hastily send messages to your coworkers?
    1. Simple spelling errors in important data, such as medical orders or account numbers, can lead to complicated mistakes. Text Message Recall allows you to quickly check that your messages are correct and edit them as needed, even after they’re sent out.
  • Do you assume your clients’ information is secure before sending it?Working with others may put client information at risk. Text Messaging Recall allows users to delete messages once a project is complete and eliminate the risk of document tampering.
  • Do you openly integrate with confidential databases?Mobile integration means easy access, and not only for you. Make sure you are taking proper steps to ensure that your device won’t leave this information vulnerable. The Text Message Recall feature allows users to instantly delete private content from the sender and the recipient’s device, at anytime.
  • Do you use personal devices for work purposes?Your friends don’t want to see your company’s bank records or the test results of a recent patient. Text Message Recall ensures that no matter how well you separate your personal and work life, you can remove private company information from your inbox.


Although mobile device usage exponentially benefits individuals and businesses today, it is important to keep in mind the security of important data no matter what solution you select. Secure Messaging solutions enhance the security of your communication, but individual features ensure that you can take corrective measures secure important information. With Text Message Recall, you can use a Secure Text Messaging solution to give you peace of mind that your information is secure and that mistakes can always be corrected.

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