Secure Texting for Nurses

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Secure Texting for Nurses

Businesses have begun to integrate mobile device usage into daily workflows to improve productivity and communications among staff. Healthcare organizations are turning to the same solution, but must keep HIPAA regulations in mind. Unsecure usage allows for improper transmission of PHI, leaving patients vulnerable and healthcare staff without proper tools to connect or remain efficient in the workplace. To begin addressing the issue, hospital administration has acknowledged the use of mobile devices in the workplace. Studies show that about 81% of physicians currently use their smartphones in the workplace, while 62% of hospital nurses use their smartphones for clinical and personal use while on the job. Security measures have been implemented per department, with physicians already following BYOD policy standards, yet secure texting for nurses remains nonexistent.

To further address the use of mobile devices and allow for all staff to have efficient and secure communications, healthcare organizations should realize the prevalence of mobile device usage within the nursing staff. More importantly, nurses need a secure form of communication to optimize workflows and allow for transmission of patient information to fellow staff members.

Learn how your facility can implement secure texting for nurses with benefits such as:

  • Enhanced staff collaboration
  • Increased staff accessibility
  • Maximized staff productivity

Enhance Staff Collaboration With Secure Messaging For Nurses

Allowing for secure usage of mobile devices, provides nurses the ability to quickly communicate with the nursing staff and collaborate with other departments. Most importantly, it gives nurses a secure method to communicate among the primary care team for each patient. With the arrival of each patient, healthcare organizations utilize an average of 4-5 mobile devices and communicate with multiple staff members to help optimize patient care.

Secure messaging for nurses would allow the nursing staff to easily document patient visits and allow for prioritized appointments with physicians or other departments. This optimizes existing patient-facing procedures at the hospital, allowing for a better experience for each patient and more organized collaboration among staff members. In addition to securely organizing patient information, mobile devices would allow for interactive rounds. Secure texting for nurses would minimize the need multiple calls with each department with each patient arrival. Rather, it would give nursing staff instant and secure access to x-rays, medical profiles, and laboratory data that has already been synced with their mobile devices. This allows for enhanced collaboration between departments as data can be securely sent with secure messaging for nurses. Nursing staff would be able to receive real-time updates regarding patient information and additional procedures needed to complete any patient diagnosis.

Maximize Staff Productivity With Text Message Security For Nurses

The use of mobile devices allows nursing staff to keep up to date on technical and clinical issues within the hospital and within their industry. With text message security for nurses, staff has the opportunity to securely send updates regarding hospital policies and procedures. Instant updates maximize staff productivity, ensuring that patients receive proper care and are given the best opportunities to keep their health a priority. Secure texting for nurses also allows staff to easily assess patient requirements and outcomes to make sure that nursing staff are attentive to the details of each patient and informed of the outcomes of past decisions and current procedures taking place. This allows staff to focus on the answers they still need instead of spending valuable patient time reviewing patient data or hospital policies. With secure data at their fingertips, nursing staff is able to increase information availability and usage through text message security for nurses.

With the benefits of mobile device usage centralizing around the ideas of increased productivity and the security of patient information, healthcare organizations have the opportunity to maintain compliance and increase efficiency throughout all departments with secure texting for nurses. Nurses are a key component of facility workflow and should be considered high priority when evaluating a secure text messaging solution.

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