TigerInsights Analytics

Drive Higher Adoption, Achieve Better Outcomes


In-depth analytics gives you deeper insights to optimize
adoption across the organization.


Track Key Metrics You Want with Custom Dashboards

TigerInsights’ customizable dashboards provide you with full visibility so you can reach peak engagement by team, department, role or across the organization. Need to know how many EHR alerts go to a shared Android device between 7 p.m. and 7 a.m.? No problem. Want to see how messages volume from the ED stacks up to the national average? We can do that.

Identify trends early through custom-configured dashboards that track and display the data that’s most important to you. From there, you can rapidly formulate insights and develop strategies to help maximize the value of your TigerConnect investment.

  • Establish Data-driven Governance

    TigerInsights puts powerful user data at your fingertips, but without formal governance, it’s tough to translate the findings into meaningful progress. That’s where a TigerConnect expert can help. They’ll not only work with you to identify key roles for your governance team, they’ll help you make sense of the data you’ve collected, by working with you to establish benchmarks for adoption and engagement while sharing best practices along the way.

  • Identify Your Power Users

    Nothing drives adoption like a passionate, energetic employee (or 20). TigerInsights helps you identify and harness the power of your power users to actively recruit fellow staff. Enlisting and educating these influencers to help move the adoption needle means you reach your utilization goals faster and achieve more rapid ROI.