Myron Wallace, Sr. Director of CCaaS Products

Myron Wallace is the Sr. Director of CCaaS Products at TigerConnect. Myron drives the innovation of next-generation collaboration products for healthcare clients while continually optimizing product development and implementation practices and processes. In addition, Myron has raised customer satisfaction with new TigerConnect products, exemplary product engineering, and accelerated customer implementations. As a telecommunications expert with more than 20 years of experience in product development. Through his work with start-up and hyper-growth technology firms such as Alianza, SkySwitch, and Halo Health, Myron has enabled tech start-ups to launch into the market, changed how businesses operate and transformed how they communicate both internally and with their customers.

  • Myron Wallace, Sr. Director of CCaaS Products

    Why Healthcare Needs Purpose-Built Collaboration Solutions

    Why healthcare needs purpose-built collaboration solutions

    People who have worked on a care delivery team have a different definition of the word “collaboration” from their peers in the corporate world. While collaborating on the design of a product, for example, is broadly analogous to collaborating on...

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