TigerConnect Call Sheduling AthenaNet Integration

Integration enables TigerConnect Call Scheduling (formerly Call Scheduler) providers to quickly and seamlessly learn how many patients will need to be rescheduled in AthenaNet when they request vacation and days off directly through the TigerConnect Call Scheduling platform.

Ambulatory physicians, and private practice providers who create their physician office and on-call schedules with TigerConnect Call Scheduling can now communicate instantaneously with the AthenaNet patient scheduling system to provide immediate feedback to providers when requesting vacation and time off. Medical clinics make every attempt to open the provider’s schedule as far in advance as they can to make it easier for patients to schedule follow-up appointments. While this is good for the patients it forces providers to get their vacation and day off requests in much earlier than in the past. “Unless a provider asks a patient scheduler, they have no idea how their request will affect the pre-scheduled patient appointments. This integration is the first step in making progress toward fixing that problem” said Justin Wampach, VP, Scheduling Division at TigerConnect. According to Wampach, “in addition to providing instant feedback to providers, the TigerConnect Call Scheduling system will automatically communicate with AthenaNet to freeze and cancel booked appointments when a provider request is approved saving the patient schedulers a tremendous amount of time.

Here’s how it works:

1. Set-up in TigerConnect Call Scheduling: Link your AthenaNet Practice ID, Department ID, and each Provider ID. Your TigerConnect Call Scheduling Trainer or Success Manager will assist you with this step.

2. Now that the systems are integrated, each time you or a doctor submits a provider request it is going to go out to AthenaNet and check to see if any patient appointments need to be rescheduled as a result of this request.

When the above request was submitted here is what the schedule looked like in AthenaNet.

TigerConnect Call Scheduling will give the user instant feedback.

3. The scheduler can also see how many patients will need to be rescheduled for each day-off or vacation request.

4. Now, when you approve the provider request in TigerConnect Call Scheduling, it will cancel all of the appointments and freeze the provider’s schedule in AthenaNet.

5. A clinical message will also be sent to the schedulers inbox in AthenaNet that shows which patients need to be rescheduled.

Contact us at 877-435-8826 to schedule your AthenaNet integration. If your practice doesn’t use AthenaNet, no worries, we can integrate with other EHRs.