Modern Resident Scheduling Software

Learn how hospitals can simplify the complex task of creating rotation schedules for residents with TigerConnect.

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Save Time, Improve Visibility, and Streamline Workflows with TigerConnect

TigerConnect Resident Scheduling is a modern, easy-to-use SaaS-based software solution designed to help you save time creating rotation and on-call assignments. Curate all functionality a chief resident or department coordinator needs to build fair and balanced block, rotation, float, and call schedules.

With TigerConnect Resident Scheduling, chief residents can:

  • Save time, improve visibility, and streamline workflows across the health system.
  • Save time creating annual rotation schedules.
  • Build one source of truth to help visualize all physician and resident schedules.
  • Save time creating assignments.
  • Streamline workflows by communicating with the right provider.
datasheet resident scheduling

Modern Resident Scheduling Software Datasheet

Learn how chief residents can save time, ensure compliance, and enhance productivity with TigerConnect Resident Scheduling.