Case Study

Turning Point Las Cruces

Discover how Turning Point achieved seamless communication, streamlining patient care and staff collaboration.

Securely Connect Patients and Staff with Improved Clinical Communication

Turning Point Las Cruces is a women’s healthcare service in Las Cruces, New Mexico focused on helping women navigate their pregnancies medically and emotionally. The pregnancy care clinic offers free pregnancy testing, ultrasounds, obstetric care and counseling; providing women complete information about all their options. Staying coordinated with each other and connected to patients was a challenge for Turning Point, and they struggled to accommodate patients’ communication preferences while balancing the varying schedules of the nursing staff.

Turning Point adopted TigerConnect Patient Engagement to securely communicate with patients via text, video or phone calls. TigerConnect allowed Turning Point to centralize communication among staff and with patients. Everyone can message each other securely, knowing TigerConnect is HIPAA-compliant, with patient information and other updates on scheduling, regardless of where they are, using their own phones. The number of patients seen has increased by using TigerConnect Patient Engagement to communicate, resulting in a significant uptick in monthly pregnancy tests and ultrasounds performed. Additionally, Turning Point has reduced appointment no-shows significantly.

“It’s so easy to stay in touch with patients through TigerConnect. We just love it. We have confidence that when it’s our day off, patient conversations can keep going with the on-duty nurse. Everything is going to be handled without us there.”

 – Cheri Love, Nurse Manager at Turning Point