Case Study

Ambre Associates

Learn why Ambre Associates uses TigerConnect for sending referrals, clarifying information, supervising, speaking to patients, and more.

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TigerConnect Helps Ambre Associates Provide Secure Patient Communication and Telehealth Solution and So Much More

As a small business seeking a telehealth solution, value, and affordability were significant factors for Ambre Associates. Implementing TigerConnect fit its budget and exceeded its expectations for features, functionality, and platform preferences.

Denise Ambre, owner of Ambre Associates, LLC., is a prominent psychoanalytic therapist, leading a private practice in Illinois alongside three additional therapists. Ambre Associates treats a broad spectrum of clientele and specializes in a variety of mental illness care, like depression, anxiety, trauma, and PTSD. In practice for nearly 30 years, Denise has expanded her business and is broadening her use of modern technology when communicating with patients to now include secure patient texting and telehealth capabilities.

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Ambre Associates Case Study

Learn how TigerConnect helps Ambre Associates provide secure patient communication and Telehealth solutions and so much more.