Patient Communication in Healthcare

Bring Patients Into the Conversation

More Convenient Care = Happier Patients

Communicating with your Patients Just Got Easier

Patients are at their most vulnerable leading up to, during, and after a clinical event. They have lots of questions, yet access to their doctor is limited to a short hospital stay and even shorter pre- and post-op appointments.

TigerTouch approaches patient communication in a new way, pushing care information via secure text message to the patient’s preferred device. This opens a conversation between patient and physician outside the confines of physical location. No portals or logins required.

  • TigerTouch®

    Improve Patient Engagement with Secure, Branded Text Messaging

    TigerTouch enables continuity of care around a clinical event through secure, hospital-branded text message conversations. Here’s how it works:

    • The hospital care team professional initiates the text conversation before, during, or after a clinical event.
    • Conversations can include communication with patients and family members, as well as the primary care physician.
    • Care instructions, photos, videos, and other files can be exchanged.
  • Outcomes

    Healthier Patients. Higher Staff Efficiency.

    Communicating with a patient through their preferred device can help:

    • Lower readmission rates: Strong post-op follow-up can help lower readmission rates and improve the overall patient experience
    • Improve pre-op preparation and post-op communicationIncrease show rates and reduce patient anxiety through education and close care team oversight
    • Improve patient care: Improve appointment show-rates, medication adherence, pre-op preparation, and post-op instruction adherence with more frequent communication to the patient’s preferred device.