Introducing The Connected Care Team Podcast Pilot

Introducing The Connected Care Team

Podcast Stories of Healthcare Technology Innovation

When pursuing a career in healthcare, everyone has dreams and aspirations in mind. They’re eager to improve the quality of health in others and ensure a fulfilling career in what they’re most passionate about– saving lives.

But before they know it, they’re buried under paperwork. Their days are wasted with inefficient workflows and poor collaboration. Feebly working in silos, they are separated from others on their team. As time goes, good communication begins to feel like a myth.

And they’re not completely wrong. Miscommunication is a major factor in healthcare inefficiencies, process failures, and malpractice. These issues run the risk of causing harm to patients, damaging morale, and increasing rework.

Additionally, outdated technology like pagers, intercoms, whiteboards, and print paperwork run rampant in health organizations. No other industry as vital as our health system employs these archaic technologies. While others have embraced modern automation and conveniences of the 21st century, healthcare as a whole remains in the dark.

The results? Inefficient workflows, poor processes, and slow response times where they matter most, yielding poor communication where it could make or break a patient’s health.

The biggest question is how can technology help these organizations and unite the care team, from physician to patient?

Learning from the Best

Let’s start with the experts. The good news is that doctors, nurses, and health IT personnel already have an all-encompassing, first-hand view of the potential positive impacts technology can have on the healthcare system.

The COVID-19 pandemic has led to an immediate surge in virtual care, and telemedicine use has quickly advanced the product roadmap for all healthcare technology, especially communication-driven solutions. We’re learning about new communication strategies, the vital nature of collaboration, and implementing these in the most efficient ways.

Likewise, context-filled use cases, anecdotes, and testimonials are imperative to demonstrating the value of tech advancements. These stories resonate because they are real.

So what are the greatest ways we can tell these stories?

The Connected Care Team Podcast

Through the launch of our new podcast, The Connected Care Team, we are giving others a platform to have those valuable conversations and to share their insights and progress directly. These individuals are subject matter experts in the care team space who have personally experienced process improvements, care team collaboration advancements, and changes for the better in their daily routines.

Our goal with this podcast is to demonstrate to our listeners how others have used technology to eliminate daily distractions and inefficiencies. By uniting care teams through collaboration and furthering their connection to the patient, an entire continuum of care is created.

Introducing The Connected Care Team Podcast

Introducing The Connected Care Team Podcast Pilot


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