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New episode of The Connected Care Team podcast!

Clinical team members discuss nurse burnout, the importance of optimizing clinical workflows, and advice to nurses just starting out in the industry.

Listen to the full episode: https://bit.ly/3NCxh0l

#NursesMonth #HealthIT

By improving communication workflows, BSLMC achieved:​

💥13-minute reduction in door-to-needle time​
💥Decreased length of stay​
💥75 lives saved a year​

Learn how BSLMC achieved these incredible results: https://bit.ly/3wNKuN2

#StrokeMonth #SecondsMatter

2022 is the year to say goodbye to:​
•Alarm fatigue​
•Unnecessary interruptions​
•Inflexible workflows​

Learn how alarm management can support nursing staff and remove stressors contributing to burnout.

🔗: https://bit.ly/3typfOV

#HealthIT #AlarmManagement #NursesMonth

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