Supported Devices & System Requirements

From Apple iOS & Android Devices to Desktops,
Learn What System Requirements You Will Need

LAST UPDATED: February 10th, 2020

TigerConnect works on both iOS and Android smartphones and tablets as well as popular web browsers. Compatible devices include the iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch, and various Android devices. Below you will find a list of devices, web browsers and operating systems that are compatible with the TigerConnect application as well as the minimum system requirements for each.

  • System Requirements
    To ensure the integrity of TigerConnect message delivery, please implement the system requirements shown below.


    TigerConnect runs on the Amazon Web Services (AWS) elastic cloud infrastructure. Due to the nature of elastic scaling in response to dynamic throughput needs, the TigerText server application may communicate from any number of IP addresses. Clients with network firewalls in place must proactively allow communications to this range of IP addresses. As of September 29, 2015, there are over 10 million public IP addresses contained within the AWS infrastructure. For this reason, TigerConnect strongly discourages the use of an OSI Layer 3 (network) firewall to restrict access via whitelisted IP addresses, as this may unnecessarily open the customer systems to a wider attack surface. Rather, we encourage the use of OSI Layer 7 (application) firewall rules to restrict access and only allow HTTPS traffic to the *, *, * domains.

    Should a customer decide to use OSI Layer 3 firewalls, the list of current AWS IP addresses may be consumed in JSON format from Amazon at the following URI: However, the customer accepts the risk inherent in whitelisting large ranges of IP addresses that may not be used for tigerconnect.communications at the time. See for more information.

    Proxy or Firewall

    Ensure that the following sites are not blocked:
    NOTE: Append both ‘http://’ or ‘https:// to properly whitelist the below URLs.




    • *
    • *
    • *










    White Listing

    TigerConnect Service

    The following IP addresses and ports must be allowed for outgoing (egress) traffic from your network:
    Include Port: 443

    Email White-Listing

    Please ensure the following email addresses are whitelisted to ensure proper delivery of TigerConnect communications:

    • *@*

    Aliases and reply-to email addresses for TigerConnect emails:


    Whitelisting for Windows or LDAP External Authentication

    The following ports and IP addresses must be allowed for users with Windows or LDAP Authentication:
    SAML, Windows Authentication – 443 LDAPS – 636
    IP Addresses

    WiFi Setup

    • Access Control – Users must have access to a TigerConnect approved Wi-Fi network that does not require re-authentication.
    • Mobile Wi-Fi Setup – All users must turn off “Ask to Join Networks” on their mobile devices.
    • Bypass – TigerConnect does not currently support the use of HTTP Proxies or Content Filters. Traffic to the TigerConnect HTTPS and XMPP service ports must bypass HTTP Proxies and Content Filters.
  • TigerConnect Web Messenger (Web Browser-based) Requirements

    Supported Browsers

    • Mozilla Firefox
      • PC/Mac: Version 54 and newer
    • Google Chrome
      • PC/Mac: Version 60 and newer
    • Safari (macOS only)
      • Version 9 and newer
    • Internet Explorer 11

    General Browser Setting

    • Enable cookies
    For Internet Explorer (Settings [gear icon] » Internet options » Advanced Tab)
    • Check “Use HTTP 1.1” (under HTTP 1.1 Settings)
    • Check “Enable native XMLHTTP support” (under Security)
  • TigerConnect Desktop App Requirements

    The Desktop App is nearly identical to the Web Messenger in function, but provides additional features like notifications, icon badges, etc., and is more secure given there is no need to use a web browser. Additionally, for those users that wish to have priority messaging with TigerConnect, using the Desktop App allows for uncluttered access to TigerConnect in a standalone app.

    Desktop App for Windows

    • Windows 7 (32/64-bit)
    • Windows 8/8.1 (32/64-bit)
    • Windows 10 (32/64-bit)
    • MSI (Server Installation – 32-bit only)
      • Supported Installs –  Windows 7, 8, 8.1, 10

    NOTE: Microsoft .NET Framework 4.5.2 or newer is required to install and use the Desktop App on Windows.

    Desktop App for Mac

    • OS X 10.8 (Mountain Lion) and newer

    To download the TigerConnect Desktop Application to your Windows or Mac, Click Here.

  • TigerConnect Mobile App Requirements

    iOS (Apple)

    TigerConnect only fully supports the two latest available versions of iOS for Apple devices (iOS 12 and 13 as of the date above).

    Supported devices include:

    • iPad (9.7 inch) – 2017 & 2018 models only
    • iPad Air 1, 2 & 2019 model
    • iPad Pro (All models)
    • iPad Mini 2 and newer
    • iPhone 5s and newer, including iPhone SE
    • iPod Touch (6th Generation only)

    TigerConnect is also supported on the Apple Watch on watchOS 3 and newer.


    Minimum operating system (OS)
    • Android 4.1
    Supported devices include, but are not limited to:
    • Samsung Galaxy S series
    • Motorola Droid Razr
    • Motorola X
    • HTC One
    • LG Nexus 5
    • Google Pixel (all models)
    Tablets (Android)
    • Nexus 7 tablet
    • Galaxy Tab
  • Mobile (iOS and Android) Push Notification Requirements
    Please reference the following websites to enable and utilize Push Notifications over Wi-Fi connections for iOS and Android devices:

    iOS Push Notifications

    Android Push Notifications

    Note: If your organization has a firewall that restricts the traffic to or from the Internet, you need to configure it to allow connectivity with FCM. The ports to open are: 5228, 5229, and 5230. FCM typically only uses 5228, but it sometimes uses 5229 and 5230. FCM doesn’t provide specific IPs, so you should allow your server to accept incoming connections from all IP addresses contained in the IP blocks listed in Google’s ASN of 15169.
  • Archiving (CLIENT-HOSTED ONLY)

    Note: This is only applicable to those who have opted for Client-Hosted archiving. This does not apply to TigerConnect-Hosted Archiving.

    • TLS must be enabled
    • Prefer ports 25 and 587 (Port 587 must be open)
    • White-list the following MTA Server IP addresses:
    • Whitelist the following domain:
    • Whitelist the following email address:
      • (all archive messages will originate from this email
    • Rate Limits/Rate Control
      • Email Security Gateways with strict mail flow settings may result in throttling of the TigerConnect MTA. This is common with organizations that generate large message volume. To ensure that you are able to receive all archived messages in a timely manner, remove any rate-limiting applied to TigerConnect Archiving messages.


For further questions, please contact your Implementation Specialist or email