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Beyond Secure Messaging: Unlocking More Power with TigerConnect

Did You Know You Can Do So Much More with TigerConnect Than Secure Texting?

As a TigerConnect customer, you already understand the importance of secure communication across your organization. But did you know that you can do more than secure messaging with TigerConnect?

Watch the first session in our “Did You Know Customer Webinar Series,” to learn how you can unlock more power with key features and capabilities that enable your care teams to:

  • Find the right on-call provider at the right time, every time, with roles and team-based messaging
  • Facilitate faster, safer care with accessible and accurate patient context
  • Increase productivity by giving care teams access to the clinical data they need at all times

Discover how TigerConnect users who take a workflow approach to communication leveraging these features can dramatically improve key metrics like hospital length of stay, readmission rates, and patient outcomes.


lauren tinker

Lauren Tinker

Client Success Director at TigerConnect

stanley rokaw

Stanley Rokaw

Product Manager at TigerConnect