4 Ways Automating Physician Schedules Can Reduce Physician Burnout


Learn the 4 Immediate Benefits of Automating Physician Schedules

Automating physician schedules saves time and money and helps reduce scheduling mistakes and physician burnout so that you can put patient success front and center.

  1. Your team will spend less time on physician on-call and shift schedule creation: Pre-built templates and custom rules make it possible to create schedules – for the week, month, or year – in minutes, not hours.
  2. Schedules will be fair and equitable: Algorithms intelligently automate the schedule-building process to ensure shifts are fairly distributed and spaced far enough apart to prevent burnout.
  3. Work-life balance will become more accessible: Physicians can view their schedule and request time-off, vacation, and swap shifts right from their phone.
  4. Scheduling and miscommunication errors will be reduced: Clickable calendars make it easy for the entire clinic to view and make changes to the schedule in real-time via the mobile app or browser.