Case Study

University of Maryland Medical System

UMMS facilitates inter-hospital ED transfers by automating workflows with the TigerConnect Clinical Collaboration Platform.

Streamlining Patient Transfers With A CC&C Platform

Timely and efficient patient transfers are key to achieving the best possible outcomes and ensuring patients receive the right level of care at the right time. Transfer center workflows can be cumbersome and inefficient when care teams rely on antiquated communication methods like faxes and pagers. Read the case study to learn how automated transfer workflows and asynchronous communication with TigerConnect allowed UMMS to provide the best possible care for a patient with a time-sensitive emergency.

“The dedication and teamwork shown in the care of this patient, enabled by collaborative technology workflows, was simply outstanding. I have no doubt that our team gave this patient with a time-sensitive emergency the best chance we could for a good outcome.” – Mark Sutherland, MD, Medical Director, University of Maryland Medical System.