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Optimizes OR Efficiency and Care Team Communication

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Managing operating rooms is a complex process, and delays in just one area can negatively impact the entire day. Getting rid of unnecessary steps in favor of automated communication dramatically improves OR efficiency and patient throughput. With TigerConnect, Tufts Medical Center can send OR notifications to the appropriate person during each OR phase. This improves first case on-time starts, plus increases OR room turnaround times.

The health system replaced 17 different phone calls with 8 automated notifications – with no additional work. They were also able to improve their security practices, communicate despite EHR downtime, and increase their OR first case on-time start rate by 70%.

Watch the videos to learn how Tufts Medical Center has gotten rid of Collaboration Waste and improved OR efficiency.

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“With TigerConnect, we saw a significant improvement in First Case On-Time Start rates. I think it was roughly a 70% increase in the rate of First Case On-Time Starts.”

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Dr. Michael Davis, MD

Associate Chief Medical Information Officer for Acute Care, Tufts Medical Center