Customer Success Stories

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used TigerConnect to improve patient throughput, resulting in:

  • 86% reduction in left without being seen (LWBS) rates
  • 0.9-day reduction in length of stay
  • 46% improvement in sepsis bundle compliance.
Trinity Health System

About Trinity Health System

Trinity Health System is part of CommonSpirit Health, one of the largest non-profit health systems in the U.S. serving more than 20 million patients across 23 states. Located in Steubenville, Ohio, Trinity Health System includes 1,200 staff spread across two facilities and serves a population of 200,000 potential patients. The organization provides a comprehensive range of healthcare services, from primary care to specialized treatments, ensuring that individuals and families receive the highest quality of care close to home.

Communication Challenges at Trinity Health System

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Inefficient clinical communication

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Patient throughput

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Communication barriers during patient transfers

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“We had a lot of relay systems where you call an answering service, or you page somebody, or you call through the nurse, or the doctor might communicate through the nurse. We had many difficulties with patient flow due to the number of calls that were being made and the wrong people being called.”

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Dr. Matthew Colflesh

Chief Medical Officer, Trinity Health System


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“If you get patient flow right, then you get your Left Without Being Seen (LWBS) right. We were in the 7% range, and we dropped that over the course of time with TigerConnect. We got as low as 1.5%.”

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Dr. Matthew Colflesh

Chief Medical Officer, Trinity Health System

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Case Study

Trinity Health System Improves Patient Flow with Clinical Collaboration

Learn how Trinity eliminated layers of wasted steps, delays in making connections with team members and obstacles to care coordination with TigerConnect