Case Study

Mount Nittany Health

Discover how Mount Nittany improved ED throughput and reduced costs by streamlining workflows and improving communication with TigerConnect.

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Improved Cross-Department Connections and Scheduling Transparency Using TigerConnect

Mount Nittany Health, a five-star-rated healthcare system located in the heart of Pennsylvania, works with multiple groups and independent practices that serve the community. While this allows Mount Nittany to provide high levels of specialty care, it also presents additional challenges to managing complicated community and on-call schedules.

To solve these challenges and improve efficiency, Mount Nittany Health replaced its outdated scheduling system and inefficient processes with the TigerConnect Clinical Collaboration Platform and TigerConnect Physician Scheduling. The new system improved cross-department connections and scheduling transparency, increased physician and staff satisfaction, and enhanced communication and collaboration throughout the healthcare system.

Using TigerConnect allowed Mount Nittany Health to:

  • Reduce costs by 15k by replacing on-call provider pagers with TigerConnect
  • Save 2-4 hours every week by reducing time spent maintaining schedules
  • Improve ED throughput by eliminating 3-5 calls per admission

“Although there were financial benefits to switching to Tigerconnect Physician Scheduling, we chose it because it was right for our physicians, timesaving for practice managers, provided transparency and success within TigerConnect, and made three scheduling systems/workflows into one.”

– Marissa Wickham, clinical informaticist and educator at Mount Nittany Health.

suppassets casestudy mount nittany previewimage

Mount Nittany Health Case Study

Learn how Mount Nittany Health used TigerConnect to improve cross-department connections and scheduling transparency and enhance communication and collaboration throughout the healthcare system.