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TigerText Essentials

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The Industry's Best Secure Messaging Solution

  • Key Features
  • Secure Messaging
  • Delivery Confirmation
  • Priority Messaging
  • Message Recall
  • Group Messaging
  • Secure Attachments
TigerText Essentials
  • End-to-end message encryption protects PHI
  • Messages auto-delete after a set timespan
  • Certified by HITRUST

TigerText Essentials
  • See when a message has been sent, delivered, or read
  • “Is typing…” tells you when someone is responding

TigerText Essentials
  • Send urgent messages that get flagged as a high priority
  • Messages remain at the top of the recipient’s inbox until read
  • Unique audible alert distinguishes Priority messages

TigerText Essentials
  • Retract errant messages before or after they’re read
  • Remove all traces of a message from a conversation
  • Permanently deletes any attachments

TigerText Essentials
  • Form teams around patients
  • Share patient information quickly with the entire team
  • See which group members read your message and when

Clinical communication has a lot of moving parts. TigerText Essentials® makes sure they work together. TigerText Essentials’ HIPAA-compliant messaging function allows you to communicate safely and securely with colleagues at the point of care from your smartphone, tablet or desktop.


  • Secure Messaging

    Keep messages private with fully encrypted, end-to-end, secure texting solution.

  • Priority Messaging

    Send high-priority messages that stay at the top of the recipient’s inbox and specify a unique alert for instant differentiation.

  • Broadcast Message

    Data from clinical systems of record are centralized on one platform in real time.

  • Click to Call

    Initiate phone calls to colleagues with a single tap from a message thread or user profile.

  • Quick Reply

    Messaging that maps to clinical workflows results in more efficient communication.

  • Auto Forward

    Have messages automatically forwarded to another colleague when you are in Do Not Disturb Mode.

  • Forums

    Have open, ongoing forum discussions with colleagues on specific topics. Join or leave a Forum anytime.

  • Delivery Confirmation

    Know instantly when messages have been sent, delivered, and read.

  • Message Lifespan

    Set how long your message lives to dictate when messages will be automatically deleted.

  • Message Anyone

    Securely converse with colleagues who do not have TigerText.

  • Message Recall

    Recall a message and attachments before or after it has been read.

  • Group Messaging

    Create groups on the fly to improve collaboration, and even see which members have read your message and when.

  • Secure Attachments

    Securely attach photos, voice notes, PDFs, and other common file types, even right from cloud storage apps like Box, Google Drive, and others.

  • Secure Text Messaging

    TigerText Essentials’ secure medical text messaging facilitates HIPAA-compliance and is HITRUST-certified, and allows healthcare clinicians and care teams to communicate securely via text messages from anywhere, at any time.

  • Full Administrative Control

    Maintain complete control over users, settings, and security policies through TigerText Essentials’ comprehensive administrative console. Quickly onboard users individually or en masse and immediately revoke access for lost or stolen devices.

  • Premium Features

    Enhance your TigerText Essentials experience with premium add-on features such as Message Anyone for texting individuals outside the hospital system, Message Archiving for retaining messages, or standard integrations such as answering services or pagers.

What You Get with TigerText Essentials

Secure healthcare messaging with administrative controls. Ideal for organizations looking to meet compliance and avoid HIPAA-related violations.

  • Secure, HIPAA-compliant text messaging
  • Premium features:
    ○ Message Anyone
    ○ TigerPage ($)
  • Phone support
  • Productized integrations ($)

Buyer’s Guide for Clinical Communications

Empower yourself with the knowledge you need to understand secure texting apps and the clinical communications landscape. Learn key questions to ask and learn insider tips for effectively choosing a clinical communications solution that will help you:

  • Maximize cost savings & ROI
  • Leverage custom EHR integrations
  • Streamline your implementation and user adoption

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