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Stay connected via HIPAA-compliant texting, video, and voice communications

The challenges for home health and hospice organizations

Home health professionals are the most mobile healthcare workers and need an easy, secure way to share updates with colleagues and connect with patients. And when the majority of your staff is in the field, managing referrals, keeping track of caseworkers, and dispatching caregivers in real-time can be a real challenge, not to mention keeping patient health information secure and HIPAA-compliant.

TigerConnect helps home health and hospice organizations work smarter and deliver in key areas such as:

  • Better patient care and experience
  • Staying HIPAA-compliant
  • Engaging with patients and family members
  • Simplified caregiver workflow, including access to patient records
  • Sharing patient condition and images with care teams

TigerConnect solution: text, voice & video in one app

Only TigerConnect delivers a HIPAA-compliant telehealth, clinical collaboration, and mobile messaging platform for patient texting in the same, cloud-based app. Field staff and nurses can securely share updates and files, conduct live group video and voice calls, send wound images, and coordinate care from the office, a patient’s home, or while in transit.

With easy access to the entire staff directory and other groups by smartphone or desktop, home health and hospice staff are equipped for any clinical challenge. Seamlessly connect with referring agencies, coordinate home visits, update family members, and reach physicians for treatment questions and prescription requests.

Use cases & workflows for home health and hospice care

Coordinate Home Visits and Care


Coordinate home visits and care

Communicate with care teams in the field to better coordinate home visits, eliminate phone tag, reduce errors, and minimize delays in patient care.

New Patient Admission


New patient admission

Help care teams better coordinate care by communicating with all parties involved through real-time intake notifications.

Wound Care Management


Wound care management

Send video and images along with case files through a cloud-based, secure messaging app that minimizes the need to store sensitive information on personal devices.

Transitions of Care


Transitions of care

Coordinate patient transfers and home arrivals more efficiently with instant access to referring facilities and home health liaisons.

Telehealth and Virtual Care


Telehealth and virtual care

Stay connected with patients and family members via video, voice, and text to send reminders, provide instructions, manage medications, or simply provide support.

Maintain Policies and Stay Compliant


Maintain policies and stay compliant

Administrators have full control to remotely manage users and set policies to maintain HIPAA compliance, while still allowing caregivers to share patient information without sacrificing security.

Remotely Lock Out Lost Devices or Former Users


Remotely lockout lost devices or former users

Revoke access for lost or stolen devices, or when employees change teams or facilities. Advanced security features help administrators take even more control of sensitive patient data.

Resources to optimize communication in home care settings

Review TigerConnect’s additional resources on virtual care and patient texting to learn how our secure messaging solution provides a seamless communication channel that enables hospice and home health care teams to communicate with patients and physicians. And don’t miss our webinar on How Home Health and Hospice Providers Stay Connected with Patients.

Casa de la Luz Hospice – Testimonial

Casa de la Luz of Tucson, Ariz. replaced their paging system with secure messaging and expanded usage to order DMEs. In this video, Brianne Mitchell, IT professional, explains how TigerConnect helped the hospice improve care and productivity.

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