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In-App Analytics
for Real-Time Tracking

Turn insights into action with trackable platform data

Analytics: Track what matters with robust dashboards

Analytics: Track what matters with robust dashboards

Stop guessing about usage and engagement and start making data-informed decisions that can optimize your teams’ communication. Spot emerging trends driving user adoption and quickly formulate insights and strategies for growth and efficiency using pre-built dashboards. Real-time data around message volume and activity can help you reach peak engagement by team, department, role, or across the whole organization.

Establish data-driven governance

Establish data-driven governance

TigerConnect’s Analytics puts powerful user data at your fingertips, but without formal governance, it’s tough to translate the findings into meaningful progress. TigerConnect experts are available to analyze your data and develop a workable plan, including benchmarks for user adoption, training resources for slow adopters, and proven best practices from top-performing organizations.

Uncover your power users

Nothing drives adoption like passionate, energetic employees. TigerConnect’s Analytics helps you identify and harness the power of your most avid users. Actively recruit fellow staff so you can crush your utilization goals and get the most from your TigerConnect investment.

“Great Communication Tool”

“(TigerConnect) is a great communication tool between our office and outside facilities. It is HIPPA-compliant so we feel secure in transmitting patient information between clinical staff and providers. It works well and I like the time and date stamp of each message. It is great tracking communication and we can monitor easily how long it takes for orders to be completed on each end.”

Scotty O., M.D. LLP

5/5 stars

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