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TigerConnect integrates with your hospital systems to break down information silos and push patient data to care teams the moment it becomes available.

Clinical Collaboration Software Platform

Solve communication challenges with a single platform

Standardize communication and collaboration on a single, secure, integrated, cloud-native platform that streamlines workflows and makes teams more efficient.

  • Improve team communication across departments and facilities
  • Save time and steps with role-based communication
  • Ease the IT burden with cloud technology and easy management 

Alarm Management & Event Notification

Integrate with nurse call and alarms

Tie into EHR, nurse call, and physiological monitors to intelligently route context-rich clinical notifications to the appropriate caregiver.

  • Reduce alarm fatigue with intelligent alerts
  • Gain actionable insights from real-time analytics
  • Simplify admin complexity with easy-to-configure workflows and staff assignments

Physician Scheduling

Build physician and provider schedules with ease

Save countless hours building and updating schedules with an easy-to-use, integrated, on-call scheduling solution. Use customizable templates, swap shifts directly, and assign slots equitably.

  • Add a convenient messaging layer to call schedules
  • Ensure schedule fairness with a customizable rules engine
  • Integrate with the EHR to block out patient scheduling during time off

Patient Engagement

Engage patients without endless phone calls

Reach patients by text or video without endless phone calls. Simplify the experience for patients – no apps or logins to manage. Send appointment reminders, manage virtual visits, and update family during procedures.

  • Ensure care plan adherence before and after visits
  • Lower readmissions with frequent post-procedure follow-ups
  • Enhance EHR portal adoption with simple text invites

Security Controls


The HITRUST CSF-certified TigerConnect solution protects sensitive patient information through robust encryption and security capabilities. 

TigerConnect exceeds the requirements set by the Joint Commission regarding HIPAA, providing organizations with full control over security policy enforcement and remote user management for compromised devices. 

MDM-compatible and backed by a $1 million dollar guarantee against HIPAA breaches, TigerConnect offers a host of configurable security settings.

Administrative Controls

TigerConnect provides a full-featured administrative console supporting user onboarding and management, roles configuration, premium feature enablement, trend-tracking, and security policy enforcement. The administrative console is accessible from within the TigerConnect Web Messenger or Desktop app, and admin rights are assigned and controlled by the organization.

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See how TigerConnect helps 7,000+ healthcare organizations collaborate seamlessly across the hall or across the health system.

Using Clinical Communication & Collaboration with Your EHR Impacts Outcomes

Saving time, saves lives. Learn how leading healthcare providers are using TigerConnect to optimize emergency and critical care workflows to improve patient outcomes.

20% Reduction in LOS by Setting up Discharge Teams

Streamline clinical communication to process patient discharges faster and prevent avoidable delays.

Speed Code Blue Response Time by 2.5 Minutes

 Alert, mobilize, and communicate with rapid response teams using automated, context-rich messages.

50% reduction in door to needle time

Automate real-time stroke alerts within TigerConnect to accelerate stroke response time and care delivery.

Improve Your Care Team Collaboration, Coordination and Productivity

See how TigerConnect helps 7,000+ healthcare teams collaborate seamlessly across the hall or across the health system

See How TigerConnect Compares to Others


Ease of Set Up
TigerConnect 94%
Vocera 87%
Ease of Admin
TigerConnect 92%
Vocera 87%
Clinical Communication – HIPAA Compliance
TigerConnect 96%
Vocera – N/A


Ease of Set Up
TigerConnect 94%
Symplr 88%
Quality of Support
TigerConnect 92%
Symplr 89%
Product Direction
TigerConnect 90%
Symplr 86%


Ease of Set Up
TigerConnect 94%
Voalte 89%
Ease of Admin
TigerConnect 92%
Voalte 90%
Clinical Communication – HIPAA Compliance
TigerConnect 96%
Voalte – N/A

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