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"What we’ve noticed [with sepsis] is a drop of about 30-40% of our mortality rate."
— Tony Reed, Chief Medical Officer, Temple University Health System
"If you’re treating sepsis or heart attacks, or strokes they’re so time-sensitive—so that if you’re able to move a patient through the continuum of care more rapidly, the quality of care is improved, and their safety is improved."
— Dr. Russ Kino, CMIO, Providence Saint John’s Health Center
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Send and Receive Photos, Videos, and File Attachments

You can send and receive photos, videos, file attachments, and voice recordings. You can also tailor your communications with group, broadcast, and priority messaging—all with delivery confirmation.

You’re in Full Administrative Control

The TigerConnect administrative console gives you complete control over users, settings, and security policies. You can:

And all admin rights are assigned and controlled by your organization.

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