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TigerConnect: Tailor-Made for Home Health

With TigerConnect as your partner, nurses and care professionals stay in constant communication while keeping patient information HIPAA-compliant and protected.

TigerConnect gives you the ability to share updates, conduct group video and voice calls, send photos, and attach files securely. You can also connect with referring agencies and physicians for greater team productivity. Need to consult with a physician regarding wound care? Send a picture or start a video call along through TigerConnect for a faster response.

Use Cases & Workflows for Hospice and Home Health Organizations

New Patient Admission

Intake notifications help care teams better coordinate care by communicating with all parties involved.

Wound Care Management

Send video and images along with case files through a secure messaging app that minimizes the need to store sensitive information on personal devices.

Coordinate Home Visits

Communicate with care teams in the field to better coordinate home visits, eliminate phone tag, and minimize delays in patient care and staff frustration.

Transitions of Care

Coordinate patient transfers and home arrivals more efficiently with instant access to referring facilities and home health liaisons.

Casa de la Luz Hospice – Video Testimonial

Casa de la Luz replaces paging system with TigerConnect and expands usage to order DMEs. Brianne Mitchell of Casa de la Luz Hospice in Tucson, AZ talks about how they replaced their paging system with TigerConnect.

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