Target Tallies

This new scheduling feature is a great way to tell “Scheduling Assistant” how many assignments each provider should have during a certain period of time.  The Target Tally template is a convenient place to create and store reusable settings to help you achieve your desired scheduling results.


feature nav
Target Tallies are located under the “Scheduling” drop down


new tally button create new target tally
To create a new Target Tally click the Create new Template

Setting up your Target Tally Template

name new target tally select date range target tallies
Name your Target Tally Template Set a Date Range for your Target Tally Template


How to Set up Filters

apply filter target tallies filtered view target tallies
Use the toggle to turn on the ability to filter jobs.  Select the jobs you wish to use, and then turn off the filter. Once off, you will see only the filtered jobs.


Adjusting the Default Tally Settings

assigned vs total assignments target tallies use arrows to change amounts target tallies
Default settings show the default assigned tallies and how many possible assignments there are in the scheduling period date range. Use the up and down arrows to specify your Target Tally numbers for the date range you selected.


Saving and Uploading your Target Tally Template

save to use at a later time target tallies edit and delete target tallies


Click save to save your target tally template in the target tally template corral to edit and use at a later time.


save and upload to provider properties target tallies provider load factor target tallies
Save and upload will save your target tally template in the target tally template corral and upload to each providers job / load factor preference area.

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