Latest TigerSchedule (Call Scheduler) App for Schedulers!

We frequently update the TigerSchedule (Call Scheduler) phone app to meet our customer’s needs.  In this update we are announcing three new features:

1.  Schedulers can now view the schedule and make changes.

2.  Schedulers can approve provider requests.

3.  You can be logged into the app as both a scheduler and a provider.


Login to TigerSchedule (Call Scheduler) with your “scheduler” username and password

login screen.png


View, change and add to your group(s) schedule in the app

scheduler main start screen 2 scheduler add job on day scheduler edit job on day
Click on any day to see detailed info about that day. Easily make a schedule change or even assign a new job from the app. To edit an assignment, make the change and click save!



Manage Provider Requests from the app

pending requests request detail approve request
View pending provider requests. Click update to view request detail. Change the request status to approved or declined and click confirm.


Log into multiple groups if you manage multiple schedules

add another calendar login
Login to multiple groups as a scheduler or login as both a scheduler and a provider.  Click add schedule.  Note that the calendars for schedulers will have a [s] before the calendar name.  Example:  [s]Carter Cardio


apple app store download image.png

Download now:

Download now:

We offer free and unlimited support to all of our customers.  Feel free to call 877-435-8826 if you need any assistance.