How to Get Your Physician Scheduling Software on Your iPhone

How Do I Get My Call Schedule on My iPhone?

How to get your physician call schedule into your iPhone

You need only three basic steps to have an iCal subscription feed your personal schedule into your iPhone. The rest is details.

1) Log into TigerSchedule (Call Scheduler) and Create the iCal link (Whiteboards > iCal export).

2) Email the link to yourself and open the email on your phone.

3) “Quick-click” the link that ends in .ics. You will be presented with an interface that asks “Subscribe to the calendar?” If you hold down too long, you will get other selections that do not relate to subscribing.

4) Select “Subscribe”.

Remove an iCal Link Already in Your iPhone:

1) Click “Settings“. The “gear” icon on your home screen.

2) Scroll down and select “Accounts and Passwords“.

3) Under the “Accounts” section, you will see “Subscribed Calendars“. It’s about the fifth item down. Select it.

4) Click on the name of the calendar you want to remove, and click “Delete Account” in the interface.


Getting Medical Scheduling Software on Your Device for the First Time

The rest of this blog covers specific “How To” directions to help those who have never done this.

Although the following directions are for general use, our clients have had great success using them.

*** If the iCal subscription link has already been emailed to you, follow the instructions from #10.

1. Log-in to the application at

2. Navigate to the “White Board” area and choose “ICalendar Export”

ical screenshot

3. Click the Add button at the right side of “Add / Edit iCalendar

ical add resized 600


4.  This brings you to a list of all of your providers. Enter a name for your calendar in the “Calendar Name box” and check the box beside your name. Note that “Days Off” and “Notes” are pre-checked for you.

5.  Click the “Save” at the bottom of the screen.

6.  Next, on the iCal Export screen, you’ll see a link that begins with and ends with .ics

7.  Hover over the link, Right-click with your mouse, and select “Copy link location” (Chrome) or “Copy shortcut” (IE) from the pop-out menu.

8.  Open your email program and start a “new message” to yourself. In the body of the message, “right-click” and select “paste”. You should now see the link in your email message area. It should end with “.ics”

9.  Click “send” and email the link to yourself.

*** Now, switch to your iPhone:

10.  On your iPhone, open up your email and read the message with the link.

Click on the link, and a menu should pop-up that says “Subscribe to the calendar?”

11.  Click on “Subscribe”

After a few seconds, you should see “The Calendar has been added”.

12.  Tap “Done”

Now go to the built-in Calendar application on your phone and tap Calendars.

At the bottom of the list, under Subscribed Calendars, you should see your very own “TigerScheduler” calendar already pre-checked.

You’re done, you should see your call schedule.

*** If the iCal subscription link has been emailed to you, follow the above instructions from #10.

Key Takeaway:  If you are spending time manually entering your on-call assignments into your iPhone, you don’t need to. There is a simple way to automate this process. Remember this is a live subscription so when a change is made to your call schedule at your clinic, it will automatically update your device!