Custom Tally Report “Creator” in TigerSchedule (Call Scheduler)

Our customers asked for it and we delivered!  Schedulers and Physicians now have the ability to create, and easily reuse custom tally reports.  This new feature allows you to select which providers and which jobs you want to see in the report, also you now have the ability to “sub-tally” specific jobs.  You can create as many custom reports as you would like and you can save and re-use each report that you create.


1.  This new feature is located under the “Reports” menu.


2.  To begin, type in the name of your new report and choose “add format”.


3.  Now add the “jobs” and “providers” that you want to see on your new report




4.  Find your new report





5.  Choose the custom date reange for your new report



6.  Voila, your custom tally report


7.  You can also send this report via email to someone or print it to a PDF



We offer free and unlimited support to all of our customers.  Feel free to call 877-435-8826 if you need any assistance.