Schedule Change Tracking, Notification and Highlighting

Today we announce our newest feature, schedule change tracking, email notification and change highlighting.  This new feature makes it easier for a scheduler to track changes and notify others when needed.  Here’s how it works:


To Track a Change

Navigate from the Dashboard to Scheduling>Manual Scheduler>Complete

manual change navigation


Select the day you want to change an assignment

select a day to change


Choose the new provider

pick your doc


Click the “Track this Change” box and click “Schedule”.  If you don’t choose to track the change then you don’t need to check the box.

track and schedule


You will now notice a 🔺triangle symbol on that day.  This symbol represents a change.  If you click on this symbol you will see details about the change.

change detail


Track the Change and Send an Email Notification

Select the provider you wish to make the change

pick your doc


Click “Schedule and Notify”.  If you don’t want to track or notify, just click schedule.

schedule and notify nav


Enter the email address(s) of the people you wish to notify and click “schedule and notify”

schedule and notify


Here is an example of the email they will receive

email message

Highlight All Changes This Month

By clicking the “Highlight: Changes” button you can easily see all of the changes in your current month.

highlight changes



We offer free and unlimited support to all of our customers.  Feel free to call 877-435-8826 if you need any assistance.