On-Demand Webinar

Expedite Communication and Trigger Urgent Actions with TigerConnect

Impact Patient Outcomes & the Bottom Line through Expedited Communication

Within a healthcare environment, life-changing decisions need to happen quickly. In these situations, speed-to-diagnosis, treatment, and response time matter and directly impact patient recovery and outcomes. TigerConnect’s communication platform was designed to not only improve communication between staff, clinicians, and patients but to expedite communication in time-sensitive situations.

Join TigerConnect’s CMIO, Will O’Connor, MD as he outlines the value of speed in a clinical setting while showcasing two significant features available to TigerConnect users– uniquely designed to support expedited communications. In addition, he’ll address the impact that speed-to-diagnosis and treatment can have on patient outcomes and the bottom line.

Real-life scenarios will be shared by Dr. Jared Reaves, Medical Director of IT and Informatics, at the University of Maryland Medical Center (UMMC). Under his leadership and guidance, many of UMMC’s internal teams have adopted and successfully utilized these valuable features within acute and non-acute facilities.


  • Will O’Connor, MD, CMIO at TigerConnect
  • Jared Reaves, MD, CMIO at UMMC