What is TigerConnect Physician Scheduling?

Improve your shift and on-call scheduling with TigerConnect Physician Scheduling

TigerConnect Physician Scheduling Product Overview Video

TigerConnect Physician Scheduling is a flexible, easy-to-use solution built to help clinics, medical groups, and physician groups of all sizes automate their shift and on-call schedules.

Whether you’re spending too much time creating schedules or looking to reduce complexity, TigerConnect Physician Scheduling can help you save time, reduce physician burnout, and increase productivity.

With custom templates, schedulers can build a year’s worth of shift and on-call assignments in minutes, saving staff hours and headaches.

Leverage the rules-based engine to generate schedules that keep fairness, vacations, and time-off in mind.

Administrators can easily approve physician requests, keep track of tally reports and better manage and update schedules via desktop or mobile.

Empower physicians — with an easy-to-use mobile app that helps them view shift or on-call assignments, swap shifts, and request time off.

And with EHR Integrations, TigerConnect Physician Scheduling will ensure physicians are not scheduled with patients on their day off.

With real-time merged views, Hospital staff and Emergency Departments can access on-call schedules by the department in a centralized, dynamic calendar.

Easily track changes and access schedule archives in an EMTALA-compliant format.

Custom contact protocols help hospital staff determine the most efficient and preferred contact method for each on-call specialist. This approach ensures that the right person is contacted on the right device and channel at all times.

Finally, when paired with TigerConnect Clinical Collaboration Platform, staff can instantly reach the right physician by name or role assignment.

Build fair and equitable schedules by automating shift and on-call assignments with TigerConnect Physician Scheduling — Discover how much time you can save with our time-savings calculator.

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