Video Case Study

Mary Washington

For Mary Washington Healthcare, the same pager “toil” had become a large challenge for physicians and call center staff that needed to be addressed. And like many hospitals today, a portion of clinicians were also texting patient information, using personal devices or a combination of disjointed communication tools.

San Joaquin General Hospital Uses TigerConnect to Improve HCAHPS Score by Reducing Overhead Noise

San Joaquin General Hospital needed a solution that would address their communication challenges without affecting overall workflow or distracting patients. TigerConnect has not only helped them reduce overhead noise, positively impacting patient care satisfaction, but has also helped expedite SJGH’s everyday communication needs.

With TigerConnect, SJGH can continue its commitment to creating a warm and personal environment – which is sensitive to both a patient’s emotional and physical needs – and now do so in an even more efficient manner.