Survey: The Current State of Patient Engagement – 2020 Report


Survey Results About Telehealth from Patients and Clinical Staff

The severe and potentially lasting impact of the Covid-19 outbreak was clearly reflected in the findings of this survey, providing a strong indication that the need for telehealth and broader virtual care solutions has been critical during this pandemic.

With an event of such magnitude comes turbulent challenges, as well as an abundance of new opportunities. As a result, the effects on healthcare, technology, care availability, and accessibility have demonstrated and expedited what many of us have known all along: Telehealth is here to stay.

Virtual care and telehealth spiked exponentially at the start of the Covid-19 outbreaks, accounting for 95% of all doctor visits, settling more recently between 25% and 40% – still a remarkable increase from its 5% pre-pandemic level, with usage expected to continue to slowly climb as both payers and providers embrace the benefits of remote care.

Key Survey Findings

In our State of Patient Engagement 2020 report, we partnered with The Harris Poll organization to gather survey results from over 2,000 patients across the United States, as well as more than 500 clinician respondents sourced from our own database. The survey was conducted between July and August 2020.

The main takeaways provide a snapshot of where patient engagement stands today while providing indicators of where it may be headed.

    • Patients and clinicians enjoy using telehealth, cementing its position as a mainstay
    • Feature-rich solutions deliver more perceived value than consumer solutions
    • Ease-of-use is an important consideration when selecting a virtual care vendor