5 Common Secure Messaging Myths Busted


How HIPAA-Compliant Mobile Messaging is Revolutionizing Healthcare

Is texting HIPAA compliant? Is it necessary in healthcare? If you’ve had these concerns or any others about secure messaging, then download the white paper, “5 Common Secure Messaging Myths Busted.” These 5 commonly held, but mistaken, perceptions of texting security outline actionable strategies to help you stay prepared and aware of existing secure texting trends and benefits.

As you evaluate secure texting and the benefits of mobile devices in the workplace, don’t fall prey to these 5 common misperceptions of secure texting. Download this playbook to resolve common objections such as:

• The best texting policy is no texting Texting is unnecessary in healthcare
• No form of texting is secure
• Secure text messaging fills a communication niche that is vital to healthcare providers.

The quicker your organization debunks these myths and adopts a secure messaging tool, the sooner you can improve efficiency and patient care–all while staying HIPAA compliant.